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RICK DEIGHTON is a bi-vocational missionary who operates a lighting business between mission trips to former Soviet Union nations. Ricks wife, Della, is a co-owner and co-worker for both their business and their ministry. With Rick, she was also co-founder of Alpine Christian Mission and Overseas Outreach. Rick and Della are co-work- ers with Victor and Evelyn Knowles as Northwest representatives of Peace on Earth Ministries, and Rick is an associate evangelist with Reggie Thomas (White Fields Overseas Evangelism). Rick is a graduate of Boise Bible College and later did post-graduate study at Ozark Christian College in mission strategy, expository and evangelistic preaching, personal evangelism, philosophy, and writing techniques. Ricks articles, tracts, and booklets have been published in English, German, Korean, and Russian.

Rick Deighton has written a new book entitled, Ready to Give An Answer. Click here to read it!